Tips for a God-centered Marriage

Many marriages are failing because they are not God-centered or thy have strayed from God.  The basic tenets of marriage are simple but profound and any abrogation of these tenets, will lead to dire consequences.  In the book of Malachi, God told his people Israel who through sinful living had strayed from Him, “return to me and I will return to you.”

Here are some basic tips to keep a God-centered marriage: 

  1. Put God first in your lives (St. Matthew 6:33).  Read the bible often.  As you read it, you allow your soul, mind and body to be cleansed from the distractions and worldly temptations.
  2. Remember your vows to each other – to love, cherish and honor each other.
  3. Keep no secrets from each other; remember the admonition from the word-“And the twain shall become one flesh” (St. Mark 10:8).  Keeping secrets fosters distrust.
  4. Replace the pronouns I, my, mine and yours with ours, and we.  Simplistic you might say, but very important.  Marriage should cause a blurring and eventually an obliteration of the seam that is between a husband and a wife.  It does not happen overnight but is a gradual process.
  5. Never be too busy or tired for each other.  Napping together or falling asleep together on the couch in front of the television after a hard day’s work builds a strong bond between couples.
  6. Talk openly and frequently about finance.  This area, far more than infidelity, has been the cause of many break ups in marriages.  Remember, no secrets.  Your future depends on the financial plans you make from the measure that God has given you.  Your vision for the future must be the same.
  7. Do not compare your wife or husband to some other person.  Your husband is what you make him-your wife is what you make her.  Focus on what you both can achieve.
  8. Remember a house divided cannot stand.  God does not listen to the prayers of a divided house.  Let your prayers for success be for the home and not just for you.
  9. Always treat each other as if each is the best thing that happened to the other, because it is.

Do these things for the good health of your marriage.  How can you love God whom you have not seen and yet hate your fellow man?  A true test of your relationship with God is the health of your relationship with your spouse.

May the Lord bless your home.

Malachi, VBD Contributor

A Wholesome Marriage

Marriage, like the church, an institution of God, is under attack and in many places; these two institutions are rapidly declining.  Many people now live together unmarried and in the process raise children and these children grow up and propagate the sin of fornication.

Marriage is the union of a man and woman in the presence of God.  When a wedding is being performed in the house of God, it is referred to as the solemnization of Holy Matrimony.   By implication, marriage is both a solemn and a holy occasion.  The context of solemn here is as in sober and thoughtful, not sorrowful.  For marriage to be wholesome, it has to be a God-centered union.

The enemies of the institution of marriage unfortunately, are not external but rather internal –the husband and the wife.  Some might argue that outsiders are the enemies of marriage, as in the admonition at weddings – “Those whom God hath put together let no man put asunder”.  Think about it for a minute.  A walled city cannot be easily penetrated.  A wholesome marriage is walled-guarded by the Holy Spirit.

Malachi, VBD Contributor