VBD Author Spotlight: Cassie Edwards Whitlow

Victorious By Design is pleased to spotlight author Cassie Edwards Whitlow. Cassie describes herself as remarkably optimistic, faith-filled, Spirit-filled, and a lover of life and people.  However, we would add overcomer to that list, because her life story is remarkable.

According to Cassie, “Success and happiness happen when we discover our purpose and walk in it. I am free to be who I was created to be and I can help others recognize their gifts as a blessing and not a flaw.

Cassie writes uplifting, faith-building reads. Her stories are filled with many valuable life lessons on forgiveness, faith, love, and family. Check out her books.

Title: One Wish

Genre: Women’s Fiction (Inspirational)

Release Day: December 2, 2016


An orphan at three years old, a low chance of ever carrying a child, and in her second marriage, Iman is afraid she will die alone. Everything that has ever gone wrong in her life, happened during the Christmas season. Needless to say, Iman isn’t thrilled about celebrating Christmas.

Finally married to the man of her dreams, Micah Carrington, a successful oncologist who’d do anything to make her happy. But even he can’t give her the one gift she most desires.

Determined not to put too much trust in Micah’s promises, she ignores his plea for her to trust in God’s plan. Instead, she takes matters into her own hands.

Will Iman’s trust issues and need for control jeopardize her dream of having her own child with the man of her dreams?




“What a beautiful and uplifting book! It is a reminder to be thankful for the loved ones you have around you and be mindful of their situations. We all go through things, but if we would stop and listen to God, we will hear and see what HE has in store for us. This is truly an amazing book by an amazing author!” Amazon Customer



Title: Temptation

Genre: Women’s Fiction (Inspirational)

Release Day: June 9, 2016


Natalia Philips is a manipulative, self-entitled paralegal, who will stop at nothing to win the affections of the new lawyer, Bryan Hunter. Natalia is accustomed to the finer things in life, and she has every intention of remaining married to her husband, Terrance for financial support. But her heart belongs to Bryan.

Bryan re-dedicates his life to Christ, and sets his sights on a more conservative lady, Ashlee Allen. After he breaks it off with Natalia, he realizes her issues are deeper than he thought. In addition, they share a secret that could destroy any chance he had with Ashlee. Will Natalia’s conniving ways, and the secret she and Bryan share, threaten the future he desires with Ashlee?

Ashlee has faced many struggles in her twenty years. Pregnant at seventeen, and two children by twenty, she was forced to make it on her own, without the help of her family. After being let down by her father and the father of her children, Ashlee is determined not to let it happen again. Will Ashlee’s past trials and her own insecurities keep her from finding true love?




“Finally a (clean) juicy romance novel with unexpected twists and turns and a highly anticipated sequel. I cried, laughed, prayed and held my breath while reading this book. I Literally read the book in one sitting. Omg I will definitely be reading this again and I cannot wait for part 2.” Amazon Customer


Unlike many authors and others in various professions, Cassie didn’t discover at five years old, that she wanted to be an author. She spent a great deal of her childhood and young adult life writing songs and pursuing a music career. It wasn’t until much later that she would discover her love for writing stories. She creates relatable characters who grapple with issues she herself has a passion for: women’s mental, intellectual, and physical health issues.

Cassie received a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Southern Arkansas University and a Master’s in Psychology from Grand Canyon University. A native of Arkansas, wife of an Air Force Sergeant, and mom of two, Cassie currently resides in a small village in England.


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Thanks for joining us, Cassie! All the very best in your writing endeavors. Stay victorious!

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