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Victorious By Design is delighted to spotlight Author Tonya Franklin and her new release, Devil in Disguise. Tonya is a Christian fiction author, who also writes books on business empowerment and professional training.

Her desire is to bring a healthy image of African-American and Christian writers from Mississippi to global readers and entrepreneurs. And she wants to provide a platform for Christian authors in the South to expand their reach and reputation on a global scale. She has been a writer for over 20 years, but has only been a published author since 2015.

“There aren’t many avenues for Christian authors and entrepreneurs in Mississippi, and I’d like to change that. I want to project an option for (us), where we can compete successfully with a strong sense of ethics, and not fear that we have to compromise our faith in order to do it,” Tonya said.

Title: Devil in Disguise

Release Day: February 8, 2017

Genre: Christian Fiction


Can a pastor find his way to true deliverance and peace as he rides the rollercoaster of murder, secrets, and lies?

Ben Moore, III is the pastor of Triumphant Valley Christian Center, and has had his share of secrets and lies. But his desire to live holy and whole puts him on a path to restoration from his past mistakes.

Aside from struggling with the pressure to please his father, his prayer for a comeback seems to be getting answered until tragedy strikes his family, someone gets murdered, his wife goes to jail, and his buried past comes to haunt him with a vengeance. And even more secrets are revealed as he struggles to have his own one-on-one revival with God. Being blinded by who he believes are his enemies, Ben gets blindsided once more on the rollercoaster that becomes his life. Is there any hope for him to be truly delivered and restored, and find the real…DEVIL IN DISGUISE? 


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“My God! What happened to you?” Angela turned toward the officer, “Is he alright?”
“He’s fine. Are you his sister?”
“No, I’m his wife. What happened?”
“He got into a brawl with his brother,” the officer said.
“A brawl?!” Angela turned accusingly to Ben.
“Yes ma’am. I’d advise that you keep him at bay when he decides to get another urge to fight his
brother out on the lawn. I won’t be so nice the next time,” the officer tipped his cap, “Goodnight y’all.”
“I will, thank you officer,” Angela said. As the officer turned and got in his squad car, Angela stood there
and stared at Ben.
“I don’t know if I should slap you upside your head, or fall down on my knees and be thankful you didn’t
get your stupid self killed,” Angela set her hands on her hip, staring at Ben.
“Not now,” Ben said walking past her to get into the house.
“Ben, I can’t believe you! You know everybody’s watching us and every move we make. Really? Fighting
with Andrew in the front yard?” she scolded following him in.
“I know he had something to do with it,” he said opening up the kitchen cabinet and taking out a glass.
He slung five ice cubes in it and held it up to his face. He sat down in his recliner in the family room and
leaned back with the glass.
“Well, for your sake, I hope you’re right.”
“Where’s Vic?”
“She dipped out almost twenty minutes ago. She said something about checking on a friend.”
“A friend? I wasn’t aware my sister had those,” Ben said switching the glass to the other cheek.
“Well, I guess she does have them. At least one,” Angela said grabbing her bowl of Mexican rice.
“Do you really think somebody saw what happened tonight?” Ben said looking up at her.
“Yes, I do. Somebody’s always got their eyes on you.”


Author Tonya Franklin has been writing since the age of 13, and has had a love for words ever since. She has served as a contributing writer for various e-zine publications, and although she has written numerous books, this is her first professional work self-published for profit. She is also the author of Good Customer Service Tips for Entrepreneurs and Women on Purpose: Bible and Business, a study-help empowerment book for professional women, which applies the prophetic nuggets of the book of Amos to assist women in birthing and moving forward in their purpose. She is currently working on two other writings for small businesses as well as another non-fiction book for publication.

She is the Chief Administrative Officer/Owner of UpWrite Solutions, LLC that offers virtual services in marketing, event consulting, and basic office administration, and the EIC/Founder of The Virtual Elite magazine, which caters to virtual assistants and freelance entrepreneurs of color. She is a native Mississippian, but has lived abroad in Europe. She has a love for food, teaching, and reading.


To find out more about Tonya, please visit:

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Thanks for sharing with us, Tonya! Congratulations on your new release. Stay victorious!

 Ann Marie Bryan

CEO & Founder of Victorious By Design

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    We are happy to feature Author Tonya Franklin. Congratulations, Tonya, on your new release! All the very best in your future endeavors. Stay victorious.

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