If God puts you on hold

There are times we make a telephone call and the person on the other end put you on hold. We don’t like to be put on hold, we expect for the other person to pick up the phone and listen.  There are times we are put on hold and we hang up because we don’t have time to wait.  I want you to know that every time you go to God he doesn’t always answer your prayer right away.  Sometimes he will answer your prayer immediately and sometimes he will say hold up, wait a minute, I’ll get back with you later, but we don’t want to hear that.  We want an answer NOW!!  We want our problem fixed now!!!  We want our deliverance now!!!  We want our financial blessing now!!! But sometimes God tell us to wait.

Remember Mary and Martha sent for Jesus to come heal their brother Lazarus.  They said tell Jesus the “the one you Love is sick”.  They assumed Jesus would drop everything he was doing and come heal Lazarus, but Jesus took his time.  By the time Jesus got to Lazarus he had been dead four days, but Jesus already knew that.   Jesus kept Mary and Martha waiting, he put them on hold.  Martha told Jesus, if you had been here, Lazarus wouldn’t have died.  Jesus had to remind Martha who he is, He is the Christ the Son of God and he can do all things.

When we hang up on God, we began to doubt who he is and what he can do. But wait before you hang up, wait before you give up.  Just know that God will be there when you need him the most.  Just know that God can speak to a dead man and he will answer from death and turn a funeral into a family reunion. Remember before you hang up, before you give up, before you quit that God is an on time God.  Your deliverance may be delayed, but don’t give up.  Your healing may not be now, but trust God.   There will be times when it seems like Jesus is so far away and he doesn’t hear us, but don’t hang up, don’t lose the connection.  Jesus has his own time clock and he is never too late.  So continue to wait on the Lord and continue to trust in him.

Louise, VBD Contributor


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    October 27, 2012

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