Reaching for the Horizon


Corridor after corridor, I seem to be haunted by the sound of death.

Pounding after pounding, my heart seems to give way.

Everyday, my strength is knocked from underneath me.

I have no respite; no one to turn to, and nowhere to go….

Whose door should I knock on, and who would care to help.

I have no way of describing my pain.

The words that come from my mouth would only be as convincing as the owner.

I am in no way compelling.

People seem to cringe at the sight of me.

But see my eyes…they tell a story greater than all.

They tell a story of pain, hurt, and anger.

But who will listen to me?

Who will heed my silent cries?

Who will hear my desperate pleas?

Look what this violence has done to me!

See what I have become.

I am a broken hearted being – I am a lost soul.

Is there no other like me, who can supply all my needs?

Is there none who can show me the horizon, the light out of this darkness?

Who will stop this madness, this hostility?

I searched and searched for a hero;

A hero who would come right on time.

I hoped only that, that hero would come quickly.

But I need not worry.

For you see, I have found the horizon.

Yes I found it, and I did not find it on my own.

I am only one of the heroes that this world needs.

There are so many, that hide under the blanket of life, suffocating themselves and the world into oblivion.

I am a hero, and so are you; we sought the horizon, and it did not hide from us, but revealed itself willingly.

It started with every one of us; each of us led the mislaid to the Horizon we had found.

We have not kept it to ourselves.

For in this horizon, we have found hope, and this hope we share with all whose faith is yet unborn.



Violence is the cause all unrighteousness. It is the Father of hopelessness, anger and pain. It is the mother of hurt, hate and despondency. Spread the love of a violence free life.

Shauna-Kay Harrison, VBD Contributor


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