A Circle of Love Novel by Ann Marie Bryan 

A beautiful, heartwarming and inspiring love story based on real-life events  





Expressive & Encouraging   5 Stars“Unforgettable is a remarkable love story for all ages. The book encourages women to believe and trust in their faith. The story is captivating and honest. Mrs. Bryan places you in the story as well as leaving you wanting to know more. ” JMac, September 22, 2012.

Sweet Love Story- Worth Waiting for Mr Right  4 Stars - “I appreciate Ann’s desire to share her love story. Amazing to think how significant it is to trust The Lord to indicate clearly when the right guy has come along. I loved that friendship was the basis, the foundation on which love developed. I was thankful to see that their relationship was not built on physical attraction, but on an understanding of what was the spiritual depth of their commitment. Thanks Ann for a sweet love story without the need for “steamy sex” to make it interesting.” Barb, September 21, 2012.

5 Stars - “A truly enjoyable read! It was refreshing to read a nice romance story that focused on the things that make a lasting relationship outside of the bedroom. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Bryan’s books.” Sheila, September 20, 2012.

Great Read!! 4 Stars - “This was a great read! I had lots of laughs and was totally caught up in the moments throughout the book. This book brings it home that God always has a plan in everyone’s life and that when you least expect it love and that special someone will come your way :) . Get yourself a copy!” Stewy, September 16, 2012.

Great Work  5 Stars - “I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was great see someone being so open and honest about how their life. I believe the author was truly guided by the Lord to share her story in order to inspire and encourage us to remain steadfast in our walk with God. Thank you!” L. Williams, September 5, 2012.




“The book, “Unforgettable, my love has come along,” created a new notion in my mind about who you are. You have sincerely demonstrated endurance, steadfastness, patience and love for God and then to your partner. “I exhaled. “It will be hard on both of us…very hard but not impossible. I think we can make it work.” (page 149) What a touching statement anyway memories are made of this! Focusing on God is vital, God’s plan is different, it is because He has a greater plan and purpose that has a rhythm different from man. Always remember as a child of God every circumstance that enters your life will be turned for good.

I have enjoyed reading the book and am reading the second time. Keep up the good work!

God bless you so richly sister Anne.” Shainance, September 24, 2012.

5 Stars - “I am inspired by your encouragement and motivation. You are graciously blessed by maintaining God’s standards and principles. Unforgettable, My Love Has Come Along is an eye opener for faith and patience. There is no shortcut to any place worth going or anything worth doing. ” Beverlyn, September 22, 2012.

5 Stars - Author Ann Marie Bryan , I want to see the next book, I give you 5 Stars!!! If you do not have a copy buy one TODAY! Must read, under the bed covers, late night , at lunch or just relaxing ! I promise once you start reading this love novel you will not be able to put it down.” Daisy, September 19, 2012.

5 Stars - “Recommended for: women, men, lovers, chicks.  I received this book from Ann Marie Bryan for free. I will give Bryan’s book five stars already because the more I read the more transformed I feel by Annalisa’s story. I have always wanted a sister. I feel like Annalisa’s sister as I watch her love story unfold.
PROS:  Short, sweet, to the point…I love this most!

More review coming soon…” Bard, September 18, 2012

09/22/2012       page 266     100%       ”I am still in tears”
09/22/2012       page 223     83.0%      “I am loving this book”  Bard, September 22, 2012


5 Stars - “Unforgettable , My Love Has Come Along” by Ann Marie Bryan is a book with a refreshing storyline depicting the joy and love of two people defying all odds of a long distance relationship that blossomed into a realm of undeniable faith, wholesome friendship, and a love so pure that it could only be predestined by God. This story will take the reader on an inspirational journey that offers hope to the reader that true love is worth waiting for.” Julianne , September 17, 2012.

5 Stars – “I recommend, without hesitation that you purchase Unforgettable, My Love Has Come Along! The book does not disappoint; the read is intriguing, funny and filled with love. Ann Marie weaves the storyline of their journey while making the reader feel as if they are a part of the yarn intertwined between each loving line of their adventure. It reminds us to continue to believe in love and always keep God first in every aspect of our lives. Ann Marie thanks for sharing with us the joyous beginnings with you and your husband—may God bless you to maintain the laughter and joy during your “life-love” affair together. ” Alice, September 6, 2012.

4 Stars - “One would not believe someone could fall in love with their soul mate by mere conversations, but Unforgettable, My Love Has Come Along has illustriously shared how great this experience can be. This inspiring novel shows the trust and faith of a Christian woman, relying on God to send her true love. Buckle up for a journey! You will find yourself laughing along with the characters and experiencing what they felt, as you journey with the couple who fell in love before meeting. From the conversations shared between Annalisa and Orane, to the wisdom she shared with her lady friends at her last bridal shower, the tasteful way she portrayed control over her hormones, and the selfless way she ministered to a bitter cousin instead of reacting out in anger, you will find it easy to thoroughly enjoy this great read to the end.” M.J. Mallory, August 23, 2012.

5 Stars - “A perfect balance of romance, faith and humor!  This heartwarming love story will tug at all your emotions as it unfolds. Highly recommended!” Ann Marie Bryan, August 10, 2012.


Thank you for reading, Unforgettable, My Love Has Come Along. 


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